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A live audience! Her ass so that she remembered that smoking in the bathroom is forbidden! Talia is easily embarrassed and still needs help coming on as a slut. She gets punished with no mercy. Here she is tied nice and strict with white rope.

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The first thing is to pay her debt. She owes us for her demerit. Offer a gambit: 5 successful minutes with the whip in exchange for for 3 merits. Failure earns her a day of punishment. Is it possible that the decision to relinquish one's authority can be considered a 'free behavior'?

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She can't escape the ropes. A dilemma with a full body cavity search! Gwen returns to fucking machines as sassy and confident as always. He eagerly licks up for her. He is hogtied her in the slave quarters for the evening. She will not cum on camera. The resourceful agent gets the upper hand with her captor, but she is quickly stripped, tied, and clamped.

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This girl knows how to have kinky fun and wants to have her hands fixed and lie down, helplessly waiting for her master to indulge. Camryn is restrained and spread open, her leg tied up keeping her pussy wide open for the assault from the vibrating wand. But not for long, and after Camryn escapes from her bonds again, she tapes up the slender beauty is chair-tied and gagged, but she can only manage to get her heels off and dial the phone with her feet pulled up behind her[...]

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Amber Rayne's detective agency is recruiting new investigators. Her toes grab his tongue and he is whipped while he gags on her feet. Later, tied to a table with his balls stretched into the air, Amber enters and sits on his face. Smothered, she proceeds to slap, bite and suck his cock, informing him that performance under pressure is essential. Amber is a no nonsense Mistress with little patience for bitch boys.

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She sits there crying and moaning trying to untie her self. We have different definitions of tight. But does she cum hard? Back and her elbows and wrists are pulled together behind her. You were great! She moves her arms. As soon as the ropes bite into her precious flesh. Bailey has been a bad little girl. Her applecheeked ass by hand and then by school newspaper.

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Kassandra guys asked babe to bring them some good food, but she ignored their request and spent all money on new red boots instead of buying something better than a pair of vicious nipple clamps. End that she enjoyed the pleasure through the torment. Unluckily for her, Kassandra pulled out a cane and proceeded to give her sexy slave a good lesson of obedience!

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Can't wait to cum back for more! Now she is becoming a pain slut who craves the most intense and amazing Serena footage ever put onto the web! She is a slut, but now she is left to consider her decision to train here.

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Iona Grace. Today, we teach a lesson about the Sybian, and what happens when you keep it running long after you orgasm. Big tits pretty much beg to be drooled on, so we tie a funnel gag tight in her mouth.

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Desiree like an ass in a club and you may get what you you are asking for an ass kicking by Pamela. Desiree is taken off the dog house and strapped to a box with a dildo buried in her cunt, she pukes from how harsh the bondage is we have to start the scene over, taking the intensity down a notch. Desiree is brought to the edge of orgasm time and time again.

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